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What to expect from Bez

Our service

Book a call to discuss what we can do for you

Book a 30min call with us to discuss whether or not we will be able to help you. If we are suited for you, a discussion will be had on what your personal circumstance is and what type of investment property will be best for you. Resources that will exponentially help your investment journey will be given to you.

Strategise where and what type of property is needed for you

A plan on what location will be best for your personal portfolio will be worked out. Whether this be a blue chip location that may be slightly negatively geared or a Positively geared property that will increase your further serviceability. 

Search across the nation for off and on market properties

A search will be undertaken for you, with our close relationships with real estate agents across the nation, we will have access to pre, off, on and post market properties with only suitable ones that meet our intense criteria to be presented to you. 

Negotiate and complete the transaction.

We will compose a offer on your chosen property and secure the property at the best possible price. Once we have secured the property we will hand hold you through the buying process to ensure a smooth transaction occurs.

You will then go into our system and will be updated when you should have equity built up.

You will enter our system which will let you know if your area has experienced growth and the next available options you could take to extend your portfolio.

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